Summer Mixer 2019: PechaKucha Night

Smart women gathering to discuss smart topics – a great way to spend a summer evening!

The TXWHPC Summer Mixer was held at Data Vortex on July 11, 2019. Ten attendees shared an evening of networking and PechaKucha talks – a presentation format where the speaker presents 20 slides/images for 20 seconds each.

The speakers, shown below, used their almost seven-minute presentations to review recent accomplishments, research projects, or new technologies. The five talks covered quantum entanglement, French food, the use of computing algorithms to analyze famous novels, a history of Data Vortex, and a brief overview of performance modeling for GPGPUs.

Read more about our event at HPCWire, and join us for our next gathering at SC19 in Denver!

Phoebe Bumstead, Intel

Phoebe spoke about using software to analyze detective novels to find the killer, and tracking the currency of gossip in Jane Austen's Emma.

Supada Laosooksathit, Intel

Supada reviewed her path to working in HPC at Intel, including performance modeling of GPGPUs at Oak Ridge National Lab.

Antia Lamas Linares, SpeQtral

Antia explained the complicated world of quantum entanglement and how it applies to cybersecurity.

Reed Devany, Data Vortex

Reed gave us a history of the Data Vortex company (and the concept at the heart of DV systems).

Melyssa Fratkin, TACC

Melyssa talked about her recent trip to France and all of the wonderful food and culture she experienced there.

Lovely snacks

Our hosts at Data Vortex created a wonderful, welcoming spread.

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